Individual Seeking Private Presentation

Have you been charged with a crime and need to defend yourself in court? Are you looking for an investigator to uncover evidence to assist in your defense? Optima Global Investigation may be able to help.

We conduct aggressive, thorough and creative investigations in every case for which we are retained. We do not judge you or the behavior of which you have been accused. We strongly believe in the principle of “innocent until proven guilty” and are committed to supporting each individual’s constitutional right to a rigorous defense regardless of current charges or past convictions. It is our mission to provide the highest caliber of investigative support possible for your defense.

Optima Global Investigation  will review the charges against you, review all prosecutorial investigation to date, evaluate physical evidence and witness statements. We will conduct independent interviews of prosecutorial witnesses while identifying, locating and interviewing additional defense witnesses.

An investigator can often uncover evidence that may be instrumental in supporting defense arguments in court. For example, did witnesses actually state what is documented in a police report? Did witnesses make statements favorable to the defense that were omitted from a police report? Does a transcript accurately represent what was communicated between a detective and defendant, both verbally and non-verbally? Is a shoe print reported to be from the defendant consistent with his/her shoe size? Did it appear at the time of the crime or was it pre-existing? Is it physically possible for a witness to have seen what s/he reported in light of physical barriers and lighting conditions?

In short, we will find evidence that was omitted, not searched for or not considered.

Please contact us to learn how we can meet your needs for criminal defense investigation.  Results will be most effective when working in conjunction with defense counsel in order to preserve attorney-client privilege of work product.