Forensic Data Recovery

One of the key elements in every data forensics procedure is time. Users may unintentionally or inadvertently overwrite evidence simply by continuing to complete their daily tasks. Optima Global Investigation will quickly and cost-effectively collect and preserve data or evidence that may have been deleted or become inaccessible through normal computing methods. Optima Global Investigation can determine if certain information exists and, if so, where it might be located.

When the data storage media is recovered either on location or at our lab facility, an accurate audit trail commences. The media is immediately logged into a tracking system and a log is produced. This log, suitable for all legal proceedings, accompanies the media throughout the recovery process. Optimal Intelligence employees who handle the media ensure the continuity of evidence by adding their name, signature, date and a detailed description of what was done.

At this stage of the process, Federal Rules of Evidence apply. Optima Global Investigation expertise in magnetic media storage devices begins to play a crucial role. First – the media is replicated exactly by a bit-by-bit acquisition process ensuring the integrity of the subject media is intact, and evidence preserved. Optima Global Investigation hen works only with duplicate copies ensuring that no contamination of the original data takes place.
In this preliminary examination, Optima Global Investigation provides the client a detailed report outlining file structures, media integrity, and the recoverability of deleted files. This report may be used to determine if the files present will be of assistance in the investigation. Optima Global Investigation will then make recommendations how to proceed if further information needs to be retrieved. This report allows our clients to make an informed decision on the various options that may be available to them. The client’s needs augmented with our recommendations assure that the time spent on the analyses is focused at all times.