Surveillance is the discrete location, tracking, filming and reporting of an individual’s activities. The key to a successful surveillance is to maintain the covert integrity of the case. In order to accomplish this, we have a variety of licensed investigators of varying genders and ethnic backgrounds ready to assist you in any neighborhood or environment. Our experienced professionals are trained in a variety of reconnaissance and observation techniques in order to maintain the covert nature of the surveillance. Each surveillance is executed and documented with the utmost care to ensure an accurate and complete summary of our observations. Each investigation is accompanied by a detailed report of all activities and information that is observed during the course of the investigation along with a digital and or video photography. In addition, we employ state-of-the-art technology, which allows us to utilize a variety of hidden cameras to obtain the video needed. Should the case result in litigation, our investigators are trained and prepared to support the investigation with a court appearance where we offer audio/video demonstrations of our observations and findings. Duration is based upon your budget and needs.

Surveillance & Photographic Evidence

It has long been said that ”…a picture is worth a thousand words…” Decades later, and despite the countless advances in technology, this is still a true statement. It’s hard for a defendant or a cheater to dispute their guilt, when they are seeing themselves caught in the act on video or in still photographs. Armed with the latest techniques, video surveillance and photographic equipment, our surveillance operatives are prepared to assist you in obtaining documented proof of Infidelity; Theft; Fraud; or Criminal Activity. Whenever possible, your photographs and/or video will be submitted to you in a hi-resolution broadcast quality format.

Undercover Operations

Many times certain activity within a business can only be disclosed by an operative who is skilled enough to penetrate a criminal organization, or a ring of thieves. These operatives must gain the confidence of the members, and secure the evidence required to prosecute the guilty parties. This is specialized, and dangerous work. The Investigators has trained undercover operatives who can assist you in cases where this specialized service is required. Before our operatives are introduced into your workforce, they are briefed on your company and/or trained in a skill set which will enable them to integrate into your workforce with minimal suspicion. Once deployed, our operatives become intelligence gathering machines by merging human intelligence (HUMINT), and technology, through the use of sophisticated covert body-worn audio and video systems. If there is evidence to be captured by our operatives, you will see it as they experienced it. Proven, old world undercover techniques, merged with 21st century technology ensure that our clients receive the highest level of service. Operatives are available for days, weeks, or long term assignments, — depending upon the specific requirements of the client.

Private Security Management

If you utilize the services of a security guard company, especially in a foreign country, you probably already know just how vulnerable your facility truly is. While security guards are often ridiculed and viewed as a ”necessary evil’ because of their stereotypical appearance and conduct, they are actually your facilities first line of defense. The unfortunate reality of all security companies is that statistically, most of them have a very high attrition rate. Because of this fact, these companies are forced to hire “warm bodies” to fill a uniform and staff a position at your facility. Their security guards, (your security guards,) have little or no formal education, have little or no security training, and wouldn’t know how to respond to an emergency situation if the need arose. They are underpaid, unmotivated, and poorly supervised. When they quit, they are simply replaced by another warm body. These are the people whom you rely upon to keep your facility, employees, inventory, and raw materials safe. These are the guys with the keys to everything, and access to everything when nobody else is around. While Private Security Management is a more expensive approach, it literally pays for itself by increasing workforce productivity, reducing materials losses, and reducing risk to management and staff. The Investigators can assist you and your company in Recruiting, Screening, Training, Equipping,

Supervision and management of your guard force

Having your own, highly trained guard force means that they are loyal to you, because they are trained, managed and supervised by us.

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