Optima Global Investigation. is called upon by many small to large sized companies, in providing a comprehensive Background Screening solution.  We provide a unique combination of traditional screening methods to advanced technological methods to confirm the background of any individual or organization.  Our client’s receive a fast turnaround time, a competitive price and an accurate report.

Pre-Employment Package Services:

Pre-Employment Background Search
The basic pre-employment background search is used for the majority of “rank and file applicants” who are applying to retain sales companies; manufacturer’s or assembly line type organizations; health car, child care, and elderly care providers; pharmaceutical manufacturing companies or companies that are primarily concerned about the validity of the applications they are receiving as well as the potential impact that an applicant may have on their work force, their company and their customers.

This search provides:

  • Social security number verification
  • Address history verification
  • National Criminal history check
  • National Sex Offender check
  • Consumer Credit Report

The social security number verification database compares your prospective employee’s social security number with credit header databases to insure that the number has not been used in conjunction with another person’s name. It verifies the fact that the prospective employee is, in fact, who they say they are. If a name other than perhaps a former married name turns up it is a signal that further investigation is needed if the employer intends to hire the applicant such as the presentation to the employer of the applicant’s social security card and other identifying information; contacting Optimal Global Investigation for investigation into the identity of the applicant.

Information in the address history database includes: Most Likely Current Address, Phone Numbers, Previous Addresses, Possible Relatives – (people with the same last name as the subject who have shared an address) – Ages, Month/Year of birth, Addresses and Phone Numbers; Neighbors; Ownership Information for Historical and Current Addresses, and National Bankruptcies. Variations between the address history shown on the application and the address history that comes up in this database could be an indication that the applicant wasn’t living where he/she said they were during a certain time frame which could be a signal to the prospective employer that the prospective employee requires further back grounding should the employer be truly interested in pursuing the application further.

Verification & Reference Checking Services

Credentials Verification
Provides education and licensing verification anywhere in the US and around the world.

Education Verification – National & International 

Attempts a verification of the applicant’s school, dates of attendance and 
degree or major.

Employment Basic Reference Check

Attempts verification from a single source (typically HR) and allows the addition of up to 5 questions likely to be answered by HR such as reason for leaving, attendance record, job description, etc.

Employment Education Verification

Attempts a verification of the applicant’s school, dates of attendance and degree or major.

Employment Personal Reference Check

Attempts a reference from a single specified contact such as a friend or associate, Standard service – 10 questions.

Employment Professional Reference Check

Attempts a reference from a single specified contact such as a co-worker or direct supervisor. Standard service – 10 questions

Employment Supervisor Interview

Attempts verification as described above, and a reference from a single specified contact. Standard service – 10 questions. (Note: Approximately 25% of all supervisor references attempted are actual obtained. No discounts given when reference not obtained.

Employment Credentials Verification

Attempts a verification of the applicant’s license, certification or credentials, the date issued, expiration date and status with the issuing authority
Employment Verification
Attempts a verification of the applicant’s previous or current employment start date, end date, title, salary and eligibility for rehire from a single source (typically HR).

Professional License Verification National & International

We can verify a current of former professional license anywhere

Security Consulting

We log many thousands of miles traveling to clients’ homes; vacation properties; businesses; and manufacturing facilities providing them with expert advice, guidance, and direction with respect to their security needs. Anyone can sell you an alarm system or security cameras. Only an expert can assist you in developing a comprehensive security program. The Investigators can travel to your location, identify all of your vulnerabilities, and provide you with multiple solutions to each identified weakness. We are versed in all areas of security and related technologies to include Alarm Systems; CCTV; Covert Video; Access Control; Biometrics; Communications; Automation; Systems Integration and Personal Protection. No matter what your security objective is, we can provide you with a solution.